Seamless Text-to-Speech Integration for Locally Hosted ServersSeamless Text-to-Speech Integration for Locally Hosted Servers

Searching for a text-to-speech (TTS) solution for your locally hosted servers? It’s time to meet our Speech Server solution with IVONA Voices. IVONA’s 22 languages and 51 unique voices mean that you can always find the perfect voice for your needs – and your audience. Implement our IVONA Voices server solution, and bring the user-friendly, accessible benefits of TTS to your locally hosted Windows or Linux server. With IVONA Voices in place, generating audio files is a breeze.

  • IVONA Voices is built with developers and manufacturers in mind. Integrate the TTS software into your server architecture, and enjoy the wide-ranging applications that come with giving your server a voice.
  • TTS adds functionality, versatility, and accessibility to any text-based content. For users with learning disabilities, literacy challenges, visual impairments, and second-language learners, TTS often makes all the difference in accessibility.
  • With IVONA Voices, it’s easy to install and get started. Integrate TTS as a web service on your web server, or generate speech from a command line application.
  • IVONA’s TTS voices really do sound natural – just give them a try, and find out first-hand. In addition to a wide range of languages, IVONA Voices include local variants of French (Europe, Canada), English (UK, US, Australia, India), Portuguese (Europe, Brazil), and Spanish (Europe, America).

TTS brings text to life, and offers many applications to improve accessibility. For educational purposes, TTS allows learners to consume content on their terms – whether they have an accessibility challenge, or simply prefer auditory learning. TTS is also ideal for explaining instructions, providing assistance in filling out forms, and allowing users to save content and listen to it on the go. TTS capability simply makes it easier for your whole audience to consume content, and complete tasks efficiently.

In the end, TTS is simply good business. Accessibility is important for the people who benefit most from TTS integration, but it’s also an easy, effective way to expand your reach. When you make content accessible for all, your audience grows – even when the size of that audience is limited to the size of your business, school, or institution.


IVONA Voices Makes Embedded Text-to-Speech Easy for DevelopersIVONA Voices Makes Embedded Text to Speech Easy for Developers

Designing software with the needs of your audience in mind? Accessibility is everything. Choose an IVONA Voices Software Development Toolkit (SDK) to add text-to-speech (TTS) capability to your next project, and bring your text to life. The SDK includes all of the tools that developers need for easy TTS integration, including example programs with source code for the most popular programming languages and platforms, from iOS to Linux. It’s all been designed with developers in mind.

  • Improve accessibility by speaking the user’s language, clearly, naturally, and accurately. IVONA Voices supports a total of 51 voices in 22 languages, including regional variants of French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  • Enable TTS without the need for an internet connection. With integrated TTS, users can enjoy the benefits of speech-enabled text for offline reading, mobile apps, and software use.
  • IVONA Voices SDK is compatible with the most widely used programming languages and development platforms, including Android, Windows, OSx, iOS, Linux, and Linux Embedded.
  • Develop for a wide range of devices and applications, from cable television set-top boxes to ATMs and mobile apps. The SDK makes integrating TTS simple, no matter the project.

Accessibility and functionality go hand-in-hand. One person enjoys TTS because it allows them to listen to television listings without taking an eye off their children, while another uses the same tool to hear listings that they wouldn’t be able to read clearly due to a visual impairment. In the end, both users benefit from the accessibility afforded by TTS.

The same concept applies to most applications of TTS, big and small. In addition to providing a valuable, necessary service for people who need it, you’ll be providing an ideal alternative for people who simply prefer listening to reading, or don’t have the time to read in the course of a busy day. As the media landscape continues to evolve, versatility will only become even more important. Add the many benefits of TTS to your next development project with the versatile, streamlined IVONA voices SDK.


ReadSpeaker speechMaker with IVONA Voices

ReadSpeaker speechMaker with IVONA Voices lets you generate your own audio files using state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology.
Convert your written text into high-quality audio for use in a variety of applications.