Today’s markets see banks facing a number of pressures, including rolling out comprehensive, seamless customer service to clients from different countries, complying with regulatory requirements and deploying more services with fewer resources.

The good news is that banks around the world can leverage IVONA TTS, a growing family of high-quality, lifelike text to speech voices that can easily be deployed into existing ATM hardware to provide efficient, engaging services to all ATM customers who prefer a human-sounding voice to keep them on top of their personal banking, rather than trying to decipher the text on a screen.

In today’s evolving banking field, the most successful banks are those investing in solutions in which the customer experience comes first. However, as the global population ages, banks must carefully strive to cater for a broadening spectrum of needs.

According to a report by Age UK – “New technologies (ATMs, electronic payment methods, websites and Internet banking, cards) should be field tested with older people – including those aged over 85 – to make sure the full range of perceptual and motor needs are anticipated in the design process.”

Effortlessly deploy IVONA text to speech solutions into your existing ATMs and implement the best practise of making your high street or automated branch banking accessible to everyone, engaging all customer profiles through natural interaction with:

  • ATM machines that “talk” to customers who have difficulty reading screens
  • Real-time customized information communicated clearly, in your customer’s own language

IVONA is one of the leading innovators in text to speech delivering proven TTS solutions, with 51 unique text-to-speech voices in 22 major languages. IVONA Text to Speech is easy to implement, versatile, and designed to work with the most popular devices on the market. The perfect way to cater for ATM users around the world.

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